CAS Number: 851199-59-2
Sequence: Cys?Cys?Glu?Tyr?Cys?Cys?Asn?Pro?Ala?Cys?Thr?Gly?Cys?Tyr-OH
(three disulfide bonds:  Cys1-CyS?, Cys2-Cys10 & Cys5-Cys13)
Molecular Weight: 1526.76
Molecular Formula: C59H79N15O21S?

Storage: -20 ?? 5 ??C
Description: API: Linaclotide is 14 amino acid long with multiple disulfide bonds. It is a guanylate cyclase 2C agonist, It increases the amount of fluid in the intestines and thus causing the content to move along more quickly.

CS Number: CS9239-A

Linaclotide, acetate